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Field Sales Agent Job Poa Internet

Mission Statement for the Role:

  • Responsible for delivering the assigned customer growth targets within their specific defined geography within the territory.

Overall Responsibility:

  • Make sales and hit the sale number! Be part of the team aiming to deliver over 100% of the total company sales.

Key SMART Results for A-Player Success

  • Drive attainment of monthly sales targets as per the vintage:
    • Month 1: 10 sales
    • Month 2: 15 sales
    • Month 3: 20 sales 
  • Source at least 20 prospective customer visits daily and develop a sales funnel of customers categorized into the system as below:
    • Hot Leads: 20%
    • Warm Leads: 30%
    • Cold leads: 40%
    • Paid customers: 10% 
  • Marketing Material Utilization:
    • Drive 12 fliers per sale. Must adhere to brand guidelines prescribed by the company which are periodically auditable – Within the First 3 months from joining
  • Operational Excellence:
    • Attain 100% work attendance record with an absence management that is fully compliant to company policies and procedures
    • 100% compliance on system usage for lead generation, categorization & sales made
    • Timely reporting of sales updates at 11am, 3pm and 7pm on a daily basis
    • Ensure 100% adherence to the company’s guidelines on financial transactions from customers. No cash transactions – Within the First 3 months from joining

Department stage of development where this role sits (starting, preparing for scale, scaling, mature)

  • Rapid Scale and Growth

Core energy required for this position:

  • Doer / Positive/ Aggressive

Key Competencies Criticality (H, M, L)

  • Excellent sales person with a good understanding of the buying and selling process – H
  • Tactical, scrappy, relentless energy and focus to exceed targets – H
  • Accuracy of forecasting and credible pipeline of sales funnels – H
  • Ideally, experience selling consumer durables/FMCG/home internet services/in low-income and informal communities – H
  • Provide ongoing and timely feedback on all your sales activities not limited to your up-to-date prospects list, competitor information, network issues, theft, non-compliance by our customers on our home internet service and other ad hoc reports – H
  • Work with marketing team to deliver improvements in brand engagement scores in assigned territory – M
  • Ability to work and adhere to rules prescribed by the company. Adhere to CRM tools for inputs and must maintain healthy conversion ratios to exceed expectations – M

Mandatory Criteria if any with no exceptions to hire:

  • Must have direct selling experience to end customers, 1–2 years of successful track record of earning incentives.
  • Must have successfully achieved monthly, quarterly and yearly sales targets.
  • Must have strong sales acumen and high integrity.

How To Apply

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